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JoJo & Billie’s Tour De France

13 Oct 2015

Tous les enfants de l'école au formidable spectacle lundi 12 octobre ou mardi 13 octobre 2015 organisé par Mme Hagg. A la fin du spectable, les enfants ont pu poser des questions aux acteurs ! Un très bon moment !

"Find out what happens when a French boy and an English girl crash into each other and cannot repair their bikes, how they overcome the language barrier and how Billie discovers her love of all things French.

Join JoJo, Billie and Albert as they jump on their (imaginary) bicycles to climb the Alps, dip their toes in the sea in Marseille, visit the cows in the Creuse, peer through the fog in Bretagne and finish in love filled Paris!

With bicycle percussion, bicycle choreography, bicycle acrobatics, bicycle puppetry and the bicycle race of the century, as French as a croissant wearing a beret, as sporty as the famous frog jumping Lyonnais Olympics in 1841, and as heartwarming as two young people realizing, despite their differences they can still be friends, you’d be crazy to miss the exciting JoJo & Billie’s Tour de France!

With live music, video, mime, several Gallic shrugs and many, many bicycles, Cie Animotion is once again going to swim the channel to bring their unique mix of exciting and lively non-verbal work to you!"









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